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Properties of Final Diesel Product produced by Green Power Inc Process




Analysis                    ASTM           Requirements for Diesel

                                   Method       Fuel Oil No. 2-D                              Results


Distillation                  D2877              90% vol. recovery @ 300-356 oC         318.2 oC

Physical Distillation    D86                90% vol. recovery @ 282-338 oC         303.8 oC


Aromatic Content        ---                    < 35 (according to ASTMD1319)          2.39 (by GCMS)

Density (electronic)    D4052             No Requirement                                      0.08186

Cetane Index (calc)     D976-80          > 40                                                          54.3

Heat of Comb (calc)    D3338            No Requirement                                      18680 BTU/lb

Cloud Point                 D2500            Varies geographically                              -31 oC

Pour Point                   D5949             < -6 oC                                                    -36 oC

Acid Number (mod)    D3242            No Requirement                                       0.04 mg KOH/g

Viscosity                     D445              1.9-4.1 mm2/s @ 40 oC                           2.591




Diesel sample



From this:



through this:



becomes this:

(Fossil Free FuelTM)


and this:

(Clean Environment)


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