Green Power Inc Waste to Fuel is now a Reality, to lower down Fuel Prices, achieve higher National Security and diminish Landfills



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To meet our 2010 and first quarter 2011 goals we will have the following minimum need of personnel:





Office: 33
Management 5
Engineering 7
Designs 8
Lab Technician 3
Procurement 5
Yard 5
Floor: 160
Structural 40
Piping 70
Instumental 20
Electrical 30
Site Crews 200
Contruction Crews (5) (total per Crew 40) 200
Operating Crews 280

Assignements for Crews are between 2-3 month away from Home!

please consider before applying

Site Operating Crews, for startup at beginning (total per Crew 40) 280
Total 673
Locally 193
off site 480
Electrical is sub contracted out to American Electric of Richland Washington.






From this:



through this:



becomes this:

(Fossil Free FuelTM)


and this:

(Clean Environment)


We can't change the Past but we can make a better and safer Future,

lets do it

Green Power Inc