Green Power Inc Waste to Fuel is now a Reality, to lower down Fuel Prices, achieve higher National Security and diminish Landfills



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Energy Conversion Solutions for Tomorrow:

A New Approach


A new recycling formulation was necessary that would convert existing hydrocarbons not into methane, CH4, and coke crystals, C, but into CH2 and only then in molecule lengths that reduce and bind in a manner that separates unusable pollutants. In essence, the new formulation returns to the natural processes used for hundreds of millions of years where fossilized by-products from the seas settled into suspended clay minerals and ultimately formed fossil fuels, such as oil hydrocarbons.

Green Power Inc has developed and patented such process, a process that is modeled on Mother Nature's behavior without the hundreds of millions of years it took to create fossil fuels through natural processes. The patented process also avoids creation of unusable, environmentally unfriendly materials such as PVC’s and Teflon, which when mixed together, can easily form dioxin's and Furan at high temperatures.



From this:



through this:



becomes this:

(Fossil Free FuelTM)


and this:

(Clean Environment)


We can't change the Past but we can make a better and safer Future,

lets do it

Green Power Inc