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Separation of Hazardous Materials and Removal of Prions


The catalytic process produces certain catalyst crystals (processed metal impurities that originally appear in the input waste materials) that must be removed once the high-quality Fossil Free FuelTM like Diesel fuel has been delivered to the production storage vessel.

The technology of the plant guarantees that the metals and metal connections in the residue of the catalytic process (used up catalyst) are merged together and delivered to the plant's exit waste vessel. The final product, Fossil Free FuelTM like our "NanoDiesel™" fuel (which develops exclusively over the vapor phase), is absolutely free from these materials.


Since the approved input waste materials are mixed completely into the reaction oil at a temperature of over 300°C and no further separation possibility exists once in the process, no protein molecules (thus no Prions) are present without exiting and reduction to decomposition or into the product, in this case Fossil free FuelTM like Diesel fuel.



From this:



through this:



becomes this:

(Fossil Free FuelTM)


and this:

(Clean Environment)


We can't change the Past but we can make a better and safer Future,

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