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Hundreds of million years ago the hydrocarbon compounds within biological materials were transformed into an undecayable and environmentally friendly form by the catalytic process of natural crude oil production. This only allowed the release of oxygen into the atmosphere.

Today the same process, now based on new developed Diesel building catalysts, again allows us to turn the decayable hydrocarbons contained in residuals into undecayable, environmentally friendly "NanoDiesel™"  fuel and thus preserve nature. This is of interest even to those countries with sufficient Diesel fuel supply, as there is no more economic process of Diesel fuel production available than the catalytic transformation at temperatures of 300°C.

Taken the waste disposal and environmental protection situation of today this process would already be worthwhile for these countries, if they would give away the produced Diesel fuel for free.

The quality of the produced Diesel fuel turns out to be even higher than expected. Even the problem loaded bitumen, one of the distillation residuals of oil refineries, can be used by this process and produces a Diesel fuel with a Cetane value of above 60, i.e. a high quality fuel. This is why this process is especially attractive to countries where the produced Diesel fuel represents a value. In these environments the process can gain high importance as a future fuel supply source.

The high efficient level of this catalytic low temperature process of residual transformation results in CO2 savings of 80 - 90% and thus has a highly positive influence on the overall CO2 balance. Many countries are now planning to set in force strong restrictions or even prohibit the dumping of untreated waste materials. For the future this CO2 balance will be significantly depending on the methods we choose to handle the variety of waste and residual materials. This will soon generate additional sources for revenues.



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