Green Power Inc Waste to Fuel is now a Reality, to lower down Fuel Prices, achieve higher National Security and diminish Landfills



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How it Works


Green Power’s process is based on a simple single step process known as catalytic cracking / depolymerization.  The residual biomass is fed through nitrogen purged airlocks into a hot oil reaction vessel.  This hot oil is vigorously agitated and recirculated through a proprietary tube and shell heat exchanger before spraying back into the headspace of the reaction vessel. 



The working oil contains:



·          base oil

·          zeolite catalyst, 10 wt%

·          lime to neutralize acidic materials, 1 wt%

·          tramp iron, glass and ash from the feedstock




The working oil recirculation spray wets the feedstock as it drops onto the upper liquid surface of the reaction vessel.  Within a few seconds the agitator folds the feedstock into the 6,000 gallons of working fluid ensuring an even dosing.  The feedstock is rapidly heated up in this working oil bath and when it reaches approximately 600 F, the catalyst does its job.  Molecularly bound oxygen is combined with excess carbon yielding a producer’s gas rich in carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.  The balance of the hydrocarbon material is broken into a blend of condensable hydrocarbon molecules. 









The producer’s gas and product fuel fumes are released into the headspace of the reaction vessel and are vented to the distillation column.  Green Power designed a conventional sieve tray distillation column with an integral reboiler for its 100 TPD modules.



From this:



through this:



becomes this:

(Fossil Free FuelTM)


and this:

(Clean Environment)


We can't change the Past but we can make a better and safer Future,

lets do it

Green Power Inc