Green Power Inc Waste to Fuel is now a Reality, to lower down Fuel Prices, achieve higher National Security and diminish Landfills



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The key elements of our patented process, therefore, are as follows:


             A temperature from 270°C to 350°C

             Ion exchange by economic high-tech catalysts "GP-Cat" in its patented CCFTM "Catalytic Cracking Fluid"

             Up to 100% conversion of crystallized y-catalysts, which are extremely active


These elements result in a final product of high-quality synthetic lightweight - oil, converted into High Quality Fossil Free FuelTM like Diesel Fuel.





From this:



through this:



becomes this:

(Fossil Free FuelTM)


and this:

(Clean Environment)


We can't change the Past but we can make a better and safer Future,

lets do it

Green Power Inc