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Safety Considerations


The plant is a self-sufficient energy independent platform that has self-supervisory electronic control systems and is built in a manner to exclude any dangerous gaseous emissions. The only emissions of the plant are the exhaust gases emitted by the diesel engine of the block-type thermal power station (BHKW) and the remaining heat dissipation of the plant.

Recall that the BHKW diesel-fed engine provides the required electrical power.


Safety requirements for the plant are fulfilled as follows:


             Plant Seals. An effective “seal” of the plant is achieved by creating slight permanent negative pressure inside the plant core, with a safety disconnect.

             Input Supply and Output Production Seals. The plant is designed to insure input materials and output production are effectively sealed against loss of material at atmospheric pressure.

             No Hazardous Emissions at all. Since the plant does not reach operating temperatures that can lead to the production of dioxin and Furan, there is no known danger of toxic gas emissions. Even when loading input waste materials, the plant is secured against toxins like Prions that are present in organic materials, because the catalytic process insures these toxins are bound, like metal, to the catalyst.

             Pump Operations and Liquid Safety Controls. All liquid processes of the plant are permanently placed under supervisory controls of qualified plant personnel. Emergency shut-off switches exist to halt all plant operations if unstable liquid reactions occur, for example, in a liquid emulsion.

             Special Cut Off Provisions. Should abnormalities in the operating cycle occur, the plant has multiple cut-off provisions from water-cooling to cut-off of the block-type total energy unit to deprive the plant of energy and to run its components to a safety disconnect, using an alarm system in the Central Service Center.

             Restarting the Plant after Shutdown. Restarting the plant is only possible after identifying the abnormal cause and an electronic release from the Central Service Center. Thus, control errors and disturbances are minimized due to inappropriate repair attempts. The restart of the plant takes approximately 45 minutes and takes place likewise process-steered and supervised, whereby further sequence errors are minimized.

             Redundancy in Sensor Devices. Measuring sensors are redundantly installed throughout the plant so that at least two measured values are required to correlate with one another in order not to cause an alert or even automatic safety disconnection.

             The patented Green Power Inc Front End assures that delivered waste becomes sterile within 1 to 2 hours of arrival at the site, before even reaching Green Power Inc' s CDP process. No Waste is stored unprocessed eliminating fear of Odor's, sanitary or any health issues.



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