Green Power Inc Waste to Fuel is now a Reality, to lower down Fuel Prices, achieve higher National Security and diminish Landfills



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A new technology of global importance now offering unrivalled potential for energy recycling, waste management and optimized environmental protection is about to break through:



for the Creation of Fossil Free FuelTM



New crystalline catalysts combined with a highly innovative process technology now allow the competitive production of synthetic oil products directly from residual and biologically regenerating raw materials!


The future way of economical production of high quality synthetic Diesel fuel:


             After years of intensive catalyst and process research the breakthrough of reproducing the natural way of fossil oil production within a process duration turned down from hundreds of millions of years to now only seconds and up to 3 (three) minutes has finally become reality!

             This causes the synthetic Diesel fuel "NanoDiesel™" produced by this method to be fully competitive.

             With most of the input materials the quality of the synthetic fuel produced by this new ground breaking method is even higher than that of regular Diesel fuel available at gas stations.

             Cost per Gallon of Diesel produced is anywhere in the World only between 0,52 & 0,85 US$ without Government subsidies.

             Elimination of almost all environmental pollution through inorganic transformation of harmful substances into salts and crystals, based on the ion changing characteristics of the GP-Cat, our proprietary Catalyst.

             For the first time this method now allows active environmental protection as well as optimized energy production from industrial residuals, waste and biologically regenerating raw materials in perfect combination and free of any conflicts.

             Environmental protection as future leading sources of energy and job production

             Elimination of the needs for new and existing Landfill's and its Toxic Emissions through this process

             Higher National Independence and Higher National Security

             Existing Resource "Garbage" used to fulfill our Fuel and Energy demands.




From this:



through this:



becomes this:

(Fossil Free FuelTM)


and this:

(Clean Environment)


We can't change the Past but we can make a better and safer Future,

lets do it

Green Power Inc